What are the best content formats for the different social media platforms?

If you’re relatively new to using social media professionally (and most of the examples are based in the cultural sector).

I’ve you’ve been managing social media in a cultural organisation for some time, there’s probably not much that’s new here for you (but do let me know in comments if…

Thank you! I'm afraid my french isn't brilliant, I did read a translated version, interesting! Not sure I got all the nuance of what you actually wrote, although it is marvellous how much better automated translation has got. I guess my main point would be in response to your '1st expected benefit' / '1er bénéfice escompté' I think although 16-24 don't visit museums that much at the moment, that's the reason I think museums need to start looking at TikTok seriously! Interesting though - I hadn't come across #Edutock before, that's fab!

Adapted from museum training sessions I’ve given for the South East Museums Development Group, Oxford University Museums and Gardens and Bradford Museum Group.

Image credit: Pixabay.

The behavioural theorist Daniel Kahneman has a theory about how humans process information.

In his book ‘Thinking, Fast and Slow’, he posits that there are two ‘modes’…

This is part of a talk I gave to University of Glasgow Museums Studies students on 9th March 2021. In this written piece I’m just going to focus on the section of the talk that looks at 1. the history of the social media platforms 2. Mythbusting: you don’t automatically…

Georgina Brooke

Content Strategist at One Further. Previously, National Museums Scotland, Ashmolean Museum, Government Digital Service. Interested in tech to connect audiences.

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